3-Piece Hand Evaluation Set
7-Piece Hand Evaluation Kit
9-Hole Pegboard
Adept Wipes (Ctn 560)
Anatomy of the Brain
Anatomy of the Inner Ear
Automatic Digital BP Monitor
Baseline Bubble Inclinometer
Body Ball Core Body Poster
Body Ball Upper/ Lower Poster
Cardiovascular Disease
Class-Trac Traction Unit
Clinell Wall Dispenser
Countdown Stopwatch
Dellon Disk-Criminator
Dermatomes Chart (L)
Ear, Nose and Throat
Elbow Joint Deluxe
Fenestrated Headpads 10cm Hole
Finger Circumference Gauge
Fixation Belt

Fixation Belt


Flexible Spine with Pelvis
Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle


Foot & Ankle (SL)
Foot Model - Normal
Foot Skeleton w/Ligaments
Foot Skeleton Wire Mounted
HALO Digital Goniometer
Hand & Wrist

Hand & Wrist