3-Piece Hand Evaluation Set
7-Piece Hand Evaluation Kit
9-Hole Pegboard
Adept Wipes (Ctn 560)
Adjustable Activity Apron
Anatomy of the Brain
Anatomy of the Inner Ear
Automatic Digital BP Monitor
Baseline Bubble Inclinometer
Body Ball Core Body Poster
Body Ball Upper/ Lower Poster
Cardiovascular Disease
Class-Trac Traction Unit
Clinell Wall Dispenser
Countdown Stopwatch
Dellon Disk-Criminator
Dermatomes Chart (L)
Ear, Nose and Throat
Elbow Joint Deluxe
Fenestrated Headpads 10cm Hole
Finger Circumference Gauge
Fixation Belt

Fixation Belt


Flexible Spine with Pelvis
Foot & Ankle

Foot & Ankle


Foot & Ankle (SL)
Foot Model - Normal
Foot Skeleton w/Ligaments
Foot Skeleton Wire Mounted